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Using Go Tools

This is primarily focused on folks who don't use Go tooling everday, but want to use Go tools. Maybe you need help getting up and running?

Go Binaries🔗

Tools that can compile to a Go binary such as CLI tools or a web server can be installed from source easily, by running go install.

There's a few things you need though to do this.

  • Go installed 😀
  • Using aqua makes this easy.
  • The path the binaries are dropped into isn't in your PATH by default, so you need to ensure your shell of choice has this path added so the binaries can be found globally.
  • Ensure binaries can be found. export PATH="$(go env GOPATH)/bin:${PATH}"
  • The right way to invoke it.

Setup Path Variables So Go Tooling Can Be Found🔗

linux (.zshenv, .bashrc, etc)
# If using private, then you can set something like this: export
export GOPATH="${HOME}/go"
export GOBIN="${HOME}/go/bin"
export PATH="${GOBIN}:${PATH}"
  if ($PSVersionTable.PSEdition -ne 'Core') {
    Write-Warning "Please use PowerShell Core 7+ for this to work"
  # If using private, then you can set something like this: [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('GOPRIVATE', '', 'Machine')
  [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('GOPATH', (Join-Path $Home 'go'), 'Machine')
  [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('GOBIN', (Join-Path $Home 'go' 'bin'), 'Machine')
  [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('PATH', ((Join-Path $Home 'go' 'bin'), $ENV:PATH -join [IO.Path]::PathSeparator), 'Machine')
  New-Item -Path (Join-Path $Home 'go') -ItemType Directory -Force -EA 0
  Write-Host "Shutdown Terminal and reopen for this to take effect 🙏" -ForegroundColor Green

Last update: 2023-09-16
Created: 2023-09-16