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Evaluate Impact on Pricing Based On Contributors In A Repository🔗

Some of the pricing models reflect based on the number of active contributors in a repository. For example, the CI/Pipeline integration is based on a model of who's contributing.

This snippet will assess unique contributors in the repo and based on a rough On-Demand pricing you can find on the website, roughly approx the impact to enabling this feature directly against this repository.

Figuring Out Pricing Based On Contributors in Git
    $DatadogPerContributorPricing = 8 # Get from datadog pricing site
    $LookBack = -6
    $month = Get-Date -Format 'MM'
    $year = Get-Date -Format 'yyyy'
    $since = "$((Get-Date -Day 1 -Month $month -Year $year).AddMonths($LookBack).AddDays(-1).ToString('yyyy-MM'))"
    $until = "$((Get-Date).AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1).ToString('yyyy-MM')))"

    # $contributors =
    $stats = &git log --date="format-local:%Y-%m" --pretty=format:"%ad %ae" --since="$since" --until="$until" |
    ConvertFrom-Csv -Delimiter ' ' -Header 'month', 'contributor' |
    Sort-Object -Property 'month', 'contributor' -Descending -Unique

    $report = $stats | Group-Object -Property 'month' | ForEach-Object {
            month            = $_.Name
            ContributorCount = $_.Count
            approxCost       = ($_.Count * $DatadogPerContributorPricing).ToString('C0')

    Write-Host '==== Pricing Consideration for Observability on Repo Based on Contributors Per Month ====' -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host "$($report | Format-Table -AutoSize -Wrap | Out-String)" -ForegroundColor DarkGray