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Leave Me Alone

Free Means You Are the Product🔗

Over time, I've begun to look at products that are free with more judgment. The saying is: "If it's free, you are the product". This often means your data and privacy are compromised as the product.

This has resulted in me looking more favorably at apps I would have dismissed in the past, such as Leave Me Alone.

Leave Me Alone🔗

The notion of buying credits for something I could script, click, or do myself made me use sporadically last year. This year, I took the plunge and spent $10 and appreciate the concept and cost.

If you have a lot of tech interaction, you'll have a slew of newsletter and marketing subscriptions coming your way. This noise can drown your email.

I saw one Children's clothing place that got my email on a receipt generate an average of 64 emails a month!

Leave Me Alone helps simplify the cleanup process by simplifying the summary of noisiest offenders, and one-click unsubscribes to any of these.

You can use an automatically generated rating based on ranked value on mailing lists, read engagement, number of emails sent monthly, and more.

Take a look, the free start is enough to figure out if you like it.

Other Tools🔗

Combine this type of tool with:

  • Kill The Newsletter
  • Inoreader (RSS Reader)
  • Subscription Score: a really promising tool made by the same folks, but haven't added at this time as price seems a bit high for this specific feature if I'm already using their app. (at this time $49 a year). Be nice if this was a feature provided automatically to those who bought 250 credits or more since it's powered by the data mining of lists users unsubscribe from the most.

You'll be more likely to keep up to date with this noise reduced. Last tip: Add GitHub Release notes like Terraform and others as a subscription in your RSS reader, and it might reduce the noise via email and slack on releases.