Multi-Cursor Editing SQL feels like the movie Inception just became real

  • Yes... multicursor editing is epic
  • No... SSMS doesn't support multi-cursor editing the way it should.
  • Yes... you can do some basic editing with multiple lines using alt-shift
  • No... it doesn't come close to what you can do with Sublime. Cool thing is you can open text in Sublime synced w/SSMS cursor position and switch between the two with a shortcut. That will be a post for another day, I'm just telling you now to get your appetite going. If you can't tell, I love shortcuts. Sublime + AHK pretty much covers most text editing needs you'll ever have. Feel free to send me a check for all the time you'll save from my revelation. I apologize in advance for the video quality. I plan on recording a better one in the future, after I wrap my head around the awesomeness of Camtasia Studio 8

Multi-cursor editing #2