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Had a blast making this song. Unfortunately, creating video of slow motion pizza cutting was going to be a bit awkward to do, as I didn't feel like asking a pizza place to let me stand behind the counter and video pizza assembly. :-)Best listened to with headphones, not a phone speaker :-)

This was an experimentation with several new tools for me.

song creation🔗

I first used Presonus Studio One 3 to record some basic track parts like the guitar. I then added some drums using BFD3 (which I've previously reviewed). Using the tools to adjust and randomize the velocity and humanize the rhythm helped create something that sounds more realistic. Then I recorded a fun guitar riff, and used Melodyne Essentials, which is included in Studio One, to convert the guitar part into MIDI. This allowed me to then change the guitar part I had recorded into a MIDI song part and I choose to replace with Pizzicato strings, as I really liked the sound of Presence XT string section. I've never heard a post-rock style song with pizzicato strings, so figured I might bring a little variety to the post-rock mix.

video editing🔗

The video editing was extremely simplistic. I used Edius 8.2, which is a fantastic NLE for broadcast video editing. I plan on writing or creating a video presentation on that soon to help others interested in video editing to see a little more on that process. I graded with Magic Bullet Looks as I liked the grain and dark feel of the image. Using stabilization effect in Edius, and slowing the speed to 35% (originally 1080p 60fps Panasonic GH3) the resulting imagery was great. I recorded this imagery handheld from this camera on a rainy day in my backyard. I thought the close up of the rain puddling would be interesting for something, and finally found a use. Hope you enjoy my experiment, I'll work later on doing some walkthroughs for anyone interested more in converting audio to MIDI, basic editing with Edius, and some workflow examples with Presonus Studio One. Music: